Edit for Indies Gets Interviewed by LLBR

My good friend Shannon Yarbrough over at LL Book Review, a thriving site that reviews authors who publish through Lulu, CreateSpace, and the online platforms, recently posed some very comprehensive questions to Edit for Indies!

If you’d like to learn more about my work style—and what it would be like to have me work on your book, you can read it here.

A thought that came to me later after I’d finished the interview: I don’t do content editing/developmental editing, because it really isn’t my forte. I love polishing what’s already there, but get leery about making big, momentous decisions about an author’s work… where to cut, where to add a particular plot line, what that plot line should be. It just isn’t what I do best.

But for authors looking for a content editor, it can be hard to find them! I would suggest trying either the Bay Area Editors Forum or the Editorial Freelancers Association. I’ve been a member of both of those organizations in the past and know that they are full of skilled people with a lot of integrity. On both of their websites, I believe, you can do a search for particular skills you want your editor to have.

Me, I love copyediting and feel like I should stick with what I do best!

As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my services.


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