Giving thanks for author resources

Reblogged from my author site… and Happy Thanksgiving to my clients and readers.

Gabriella West

PenpaperIt’s that time of year, and I wanted to give thanks for the lists of author resources that are out there!

I wanted to mention a few of them that feature Edit for Indies. First and foremost, I was particularly impressed by a blog called “This College Dropout: Resources for Indie Writers.” There are 150 organizations on the list. They offer promotional services or cover design or editing or publishing assistance. You name it, it’s there. All I know is that it’s compiled by a guy called Charles Franklin, and he obviously spent a long time putting together this exhaustive list!

It would be remiss not to mention World Literary Cafe, which has a listing of editors in its Author Forums. I put my name and info up there when the list was quite small. It’s now rather large, and it’s a great place to browse…

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