About Gabriella

Gaby2019I am a freelance copy editor and proofreader based in San Francisco, CA. I am also a writer: you can find my author site at http://gabriellawest.net. I specialize in working with independent authors.

I have a track record of almost twenty years of experience of detail-oriented editing and proofreading for successful Bay Area publishers like No Starch Press and She Writes Press; media companies (WIRED Magazine‘s marketing department, ranch 7 creative agency in Santa Rosa, CA); alternative newsweeklies (Pacific Sun, S.F. Weekly, Metro Newspapers); and individual authors, from the up-and-coming to best-selling. I’m also the copy editor at Sonoma Magazine.

I earned my bachelors in English Literature from Trinity College, Dublin, and my master’s degree in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University.

I understand the need to get your work online fast without breaking the bank! Check out my rates here.


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