Edit for Indies’ Current Rates, as of February 2021 

Copyediting: Under 12K words>>>>$99 (new minimum rate for all jobs)

12K-19K words>>>>>>$125 

20K and up: .007 per word; so, for example, a 30,000-word MS would cost $210 to edit and a 60,000 one would cost $420.

Longer book, over 100K? Happy to help. Ask me for a quote.

*Nonfiction books (self-help, health titles, etc.) cost .01 (one cent) per word.

Proofreading: Has your book already been copyedited (or is your MS super-clean?), and you just need proofreading by a second pair of eyes? That’s now only .003 per word.

Edit for Indies’ professional copyediting service includes correcting your manuscript’s grammar, punctuation, typos, and any necessary fact-checking. We will gladly send you a 1,000-word free sample edit on request.

HOT COMBO: Combine Developmental editing (i.e., suggestions and constructive feedback on issues like style, dialogue, narrative flow, and pacing via the comment feature in Microsoft Word) with copyediting for an affordable .008 per word. OR—Take Developmental editing alone for a $300 flat rate! Fiction projects only. Quick Turnaround.

We will also provide you with a well-crafted book description, if desired, for an additional $50!


I guess I’m biased…!

Terms: I invoice my clients by PayPal before starting the edit. You pay no extra fees! (Split payment terms are available for larger jobs.)

72-Hour Rush Jobs: If you need your job done super-fast, I can usually squeeze you in for an additional 20 percent of my copyediting rate, depending on schedule.

Use the form below to contact me privately. Thanks! (Always feel free to check with me about sliding scale options, as I may be able to help. Just let me know what’s in your budget for a particular project.)

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