Edit for Indies’ Current Rates, as of January 2018 

Under 12K words>>>>$99 (new minimum rate for all jobs)

12K-19K words>>>>>>$120 

20K and up: I’m moving to a per word rate (.007 a word); so for example, a 30,000-word MS would cost $210 to edit and a 60,000 one would cost $420.

Hot deal: MS of 70K–80K……………………………….$499 flat rate*

Longer book? Happy to help. Ask me for a quote. (See my Easter Special!)

*Nonfiction books (self-help, health titles, etc.) cost .01 (one cent) per word.

Has your book already been copyedited (or is your MS super-clean?), and you just need proofreading? That’s now .003 per word. I will also be happy to give your book of any length a “second editing pass” for $200, if you have used me for the copyedit.

Edit for Indies’ professional copyediting service includes correcting your manuscript’s grammar, punctuation, typos, and any necessary fact-checking. We will gladly do up to a 1,000-word free sample edit on request and/or offer suggestions and feedback. We will also provide you with a well-crafted book description, if desired, for an additional $45!


I guess I’m biased…!

Terms: I invoice my clients by PayPal before starting the edit. You pay no extra fees! (Split payment terms are available for larger jobs.)

72-Hour Rush Jobs: If you need your job done super-fast, I may be able to squeeze you in for an additional 20 percent of my copyediting rate, depending on schedule.

Use the form below to contact me privately. Thanks!




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