Following are some resources that have been helpful to me as an independent author. Enjoy!

In no particular order:

Promote Your Book

Publishing Platforms

Cover Art

  • Book Graphics (first cover artist I used; has many striking premade images)
  • Fantasia Frog Designs (good for both erotic and clean covers)
  • GoOnWrite (vast selection of stylish, abstract covers)
  • CoverBistro (a new favorite of mine…fresh, affordable covers; good for Young Adult)


  • WriteIntoPrint (offers what looks like a decent ebook formatting service, plus other features)


Manuscript Critique



Recent Posts

Seasonal Check-in

EditorLoveGreetings! I tend to mostly post here in spring and fall, for some reason. This is my “fall” post and I have done some much-needed housekeeping on the site. Updates included minor tweaks to my rates (non-fiction editing is now one cent per word), though I have kept my rates stable, as I know this is a challenging time for my fellow independent authors. I’ve also added the option of a second proofreading pass for a flat fee of $200, when I’ve copyedited your manuscript

I updated the Resources page. I had to remove a few dead links (sadly, Kate Genet is no longer doing blurbs), but I added Amy Martin’s manuscript critique service and the wonderful Self-Publishing Roundtable interview podcast, which I enjoy weekly. The good news is that I have plenty of availability from now till the end of the year, so I encourage you to contact me for a quote. You can reach me at Thanks!

PS. The results of my poll showed that Romance and Sci-fi are by far the top two genres that people who visit the site write. Mystery came third. I enjoy editing mysteries and would like to do more of it!


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