Demonic Cafe, Book 4“Just wanted to say that I’ve been really impressed with Gabriella’s work. As a former newspaper editor, my copy is relatively clean. When I hired Gabriella to edit my latest book, I was mainly expecting her to catch those few typos that were invisible to me. However, she did far more than I expected. She went over my manuscript with a fine-toothed comb and got everything consistent with the Chicago Manual of Style (I had been using AP Style, leftover from my newspaper days and hadn’t even noticed the discrepancy!) and found lots of other small things that it didn’t even occur to me to look for. She also made some helpful suggestions regarding awkward and/or redundant words without cramping my style.

If you’re looking for someone to edit your book, I doubt you can find anyone who will do a more thoughtful, thorough job. Worth every penny.”–Karen Mead, author of the Demonic Cafe urban fantasy series

* * *

dayafterdisaster“My first novel, Day After Disaster, was released June 3rd. As a first time author, I trusted the editing department at my publishing company with the task of professionally editing my novel. The book was released and everyone who has read it loves the story! The only problem was the literary critics were picking it apart because of the horrible editing job that my publishing company performed. As a serious author interested in making writing my career, I found this unacceptable! I contacted Gabriella West. I had already paid my publishing company lots of money to do this job and I did not have a lot of money to do a re-edit. Gabriella was like a knight in shining armor. She gave me a great rate to re-edit the novel. She performed the job quickly and efficiently. She explained to me why the changes were being made so I can do a better job of avoiding pitfalls in the future. Now that the book has been edited by this meticulous professional, I can proudly present it as a perfected work of art! Thanks so much, Gabriella, for your time and attention to detail!”Sara Hathaway, author of Day After Disaster

* * *

Tangled in Blood“For any author out there looking for a copyeditor or proofreader, I highly recommend Gabriella. I have had the pleasure of working with her on two of my books, Time to Dance & Tangled in Blood. I handed her my rough creative versions, and she sent me back highly polished novels!

Gabriella is professional, meticulous, personable, and offers a fast turnaround. I was intimidated to send my first book to an editor, but Gabriella made it easy and a great experience.  PS. She also writes amazing book descriptions!“–Melinda Killen, author of the paranormal romances Time to Dance and Tangled in Blood.

* * *

“You are the Queen of the Hyphen!”–Jeremy Gold, author of the YA mystery novel Death at Carp High

* * *

MJustice“I looked through all your recommendations, and just would like to say thank you for your service.  Your work is amazing.  I will recommend your services to everyone that is writing a self-published book.”–Max Justice, author of the nonfiction/self-help book about paying down college loans, I.O.U. University


* * *

AYSD“I’ve had Edit for Indies work on two of my books, and I have been 100 percent satisfied.  Gabriella’s corrections and suggestions are so easy to follow.  She often leaves notes in the manuscript letting you know what she liked, didn’t like, or is questioning.  She’s superb at pointing out anomalies and proper word-use if you are writing a period piece too! It’s like having a close friend you can trust with your work.  I trust her completely and will definitely use her service again and again!”

–Shannon Yarbrough, author of the novels Are You Sitting Down? and Dickinstein: Emily Dickinson, Mad Scientist

*  *  *


“I just finished reviewing and fixing everything that you marked. I think you did a fine job!”

–George Ison, author of Diary of a Bipolar: A Journey into One Man’s Life of Extremes



* * *

delta_legend_cover_med“Gabriella is exceptional.  She just did another pass through the manuscript since I recently did a polish in preparation for going print-on-demand. I looked around at other editors and proofreaders and ultimately went with Gabriella. I’m so glad I did. She is not only an editor, but an author herself so she knows what it takes to make a novel publish-ready. Any tiny errors in my published version happened AFTER she returned it to me and I made last minute changes before uploading. I get a lot of compliments in reviews about Delta Legend being an exceptionally well-done Indie—and Gabriella had a big part in that.”

–Kelan O’Connell, author of multiracial YA adventure novel Delta Legend


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